Shipping Info


Orders ship USPS usually within 48 hours.


For orders outside the U.S. please order from Indiescents.com and you can try samples or any size bottles shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Are your fragrances all natural?

The eau de parfum fragrances are in a base of alcohol and ‘mostly’ natural. The oils are 100% natural in a base of Coconut oil.

•All fragrances are Pthalate free

How do I order wholesale?

Please send an introduction note to info@la-curie.com.

How do I know which scent is for me?

The best way to try La Curie is to get a sample set (or individual samples) to try them on your skin. You might smell Faunus on a friend or passer by and love it but it might not be the best fit for your individual skin (fingers crossed though!) The Eau de parfum line is diverse enough to probably find your next fragrance obsession. Stores that carry La Curie have testers so you could also experience them in person if you are near a retailer.