LA CURIE is an award winning niche unisex fragrance line made by Lesli Wood, a transplant to the southwest. Established in 2013 for those searching for an uncommon scent. Lesli has released  one fragrance per year and recently introduced scented artifacts in the form of candles and limited edition oils.

Over the years, La Curie has gained a cult following by word of mouth. Her scents work on an emotional level with fragrances rooted in history, with an edge of spirituality. Wearing her fragrances can be an act of adornment and protection. The names of each scent are a complex cast of meaningful items: be it mythologies, emotions, or make believe places in her imagination.

Each of the fragrances translates differently through a combination of pheromones, environment and chemistry. Designed to work with our natural pheromones, not to mask them. The best way to step into a new fragrance is to try samples directly on your skin to create your own sensory experience.

La Curie is a very small production artisan line. Each scent is hand mixed, aged and decanted in a home studio by Lesli. See more behind the scenes and inspiration on Instagram.

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